Bombardier B-2 Spirit

B-2 Spirit 1

Bombardier B-2 Spirit du 509th Bomb Wing en vol au-dessus de l'Ocean Pacifique.

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strongest warplan how are u.first.im dont speak english fluently.im really very wondering by us air .u are really great country.u building this country by us citizen arms.all that just in 200 or 300 years ago . ok. ur warplan are very progressing in the world. im looking to f117 & b2 nighthawk i like it very well .i dont find words for discribing to feelig about that. all can i say that u are are strong like ur bombarder.plz i want to u send to my mail a lot of pictures of ur war plan. think u

Écrit par : ramzi ronarad | 30/12/2006

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